Penn Smith

Sussex Central High School

Nomination Statement

“Penn exceeds standards in our International Baccalaureate Program. He is 1st in his class with a 4.69 GPA, he has a wonderful personality and sense of humor. Penn is involved in athletics, school clubs and activities and volunteers in the community. He worked as a bowling lane assistant with the Special Olympics. Penn competes with our cross country and track and field teams and is in our school band. Penn is a national award winner, both a Jr. Parliamentary Pro with the FFA and a State Officer with the TSA. He has plans to pursue a degree in actuarial science.”

“What has inspired me to do well has been my ability to give back. I have been given so many opportunities in life and I feel that giving back to those who gave me these opportunities is key to my inspiration to succeed. The best example of this is my goal to make my parents proud. As I succeed through the opportunities they have given me, I will also be able to give back to them as life goes on.”