Olivia Kelly

Smyrna High School

Nomination Statement

“Olivia Kelly is a devoted and enthusiastic student who strives to do her best and set herself up for success. She takes part in Smyrna High School’s Student Government Association, where she helps out with school activities and events. In National Honor Society, Olivia helps out the community through community service at the Food Bank of Delaware. She participates in Smyrna Environmental Action Seekers to help clean up the environment as well Random Acts of Kindness to spread kindness and appreciation throughout her high school.”

“My greatest motivation throughout school was the fear of failure. I always worked hard because the alternative was to fail, and in my eyes, that meant not being good enough. As school became more challenging, I discovered that sometimes failure is an unavoidable part of any journey toward success. My fear of failure evolved into an appreciation for the opportunity to learn.”