Nicholas Rivera

St. Georges Technical High School

Nomination Statement

“Son of Nalwattie Lallind and David Rivera of Middletown,Nicholas is an extraordinary student and young man who displays diligence, maturity, and hardwork. As current valedictorian of his class, his flawless transcript boasts a 4.28 GPA. Nicholas’s accolades include National Honor Society Selection, regular Distinguished Honor Roll, the President’s Education Award, and the Positive Behavior Award. Nicholas is a balanced young man who participates in the gaming club and also volunteers his time for those in need. Nicholas will study computer science at Wilmington University where he has earned a multitude of advanced credits.”

“In my family we are taught that education is very important. With the encouragement and support of my family and friends I work hard everyday to not only make them proud but also to make myself proud. I believe that having a good education will make achieving my goals easier because I would be able to get a good job, earn a good living and create a good life for myself and others.”