Nicholas Phillips

Seaford High School

Nomination Statement

“Nicholas Phillips is the son of Shawn and Wenona Phillips of Seaford. Nicholas is an exceptional student who is driven to succeed. Nicholas was a member of the Del Tech Academic Challenge English and Math program for two years and a member of Talent Search for four years and is currently ranked first in his class with a GPA of 103.3. Nicholas has represented Seaford High School on the Sussex County Philanthropy Board for three years and is an integral part of the board. Nicholas will major in management and will attend Delaware Technical and Community College.”

“For me, the influence and impact I have on others is what inspires me to excel at everything I do. Influencing people asks the question, ‘Are the people I am interacting with better people than they were when before we met?’ If not, then my character is lacking, meaning that how I act when no one is watching is not the same when they are watching. If both influence and character are lacking, then I cannot excel. I value the well-being of others before myself, and if others are struggling due to my actions, then I cannot put my best foot forward. With this being said, influencing the lives of others, no matter how small may be, when participating in philanthropy, leading team members to success at work, or even being a role-model at school, is what inspires me the most to achieve excellence.”