Narra Swanson

Penn (William) High School

Nomination Statement

“Narra is a hard-working and respectful student who assists her peers and family. Narra, who earned Distinguished Honors, has maintained a 4.2 GPA over the course of four years. She is proud of her involvements in Philosophy Club, Guitar Club, a neuroscience club, HOSA, National Honors Society, and Senior Class Committee. She won state honors through HOSA. She plans to earn her associate’s degree at Delaware Tech then further her education at Johns Hopkins, where she already has been accepted. ”

“Working through my journey of school and gaining friends has led me to acknowledge my family as my main influence for doing well in school. It was with their encouragement and support that I have been able to successfully plan and excel in daily school activities. I know that my courage to keep up good work in school and to keep trying to better myself has come from my open-minded family and our commitment to achieving success.”