Mikaila Saunders

Freire Charter School

Nomination Statement

“Mikaila is a truly gifted student who works hard and always seeks ways to improve. By graduation, Mikaila will have taken every AP course offered by our school, and she earns impeccable grades across the board. She achieves at a high level and lives a life of service. She has been part of a leadership program at her church and volunteers there too. At Freire, Mikaila has been a valued member of cross country, yoga, peer mediation, and the National Honor Society. In all, Mikaila has demonstrated a strong work ethic and exudes optimism throughout her classes, extracurriculars, and community.”

“Hello! My name is Mikaila, and I am a senior at Freire Charter School Wilmington. I love playing video games, hanging out with friends, and playing board games with my family. My focus has always been on trying my hardest in high school so I could make it to college. Now that I’m so close to my goal, I am very excited for my future!”