Megan Chen

Dover High School

Nomination Statement

“Megan Y. Chen, daughter of Mr. Kun Chen and Mrs. Langing Chen, is ranked number two in her graduating class with a 4.0 cumulative grade point. Megan has participated in several extracurricular activities, such as acting as the president of Teen Vision, organizing fundraising events. Megan has also participated in the school’s National Honor Society as a member and co-president, exploring virtual options for meeting the organization’s service requirements during the pandemic. Megan thrives to excel academically, challenging herself with rigorous courses and earning high marks. ”

“The largest influence on my success is success itself. The small victories build themselves up to the larger ones. A goal can be baking a cake. The mini victories in baking a cake can be successfully mixing the batter or mixing the icing to the proper color. Acknowledging progress is just as important as progress itself. Celebrating the small things helps fuel a sense of accomplishment, which aids in staying motivated. Success may not come easily, but it will come.”