Marie Youngcourt

Smyrna High School

Nomination Statement

“Marie Youngcourt is a dedicated and driven student athlete. She has built lasting connections with her teachers and administration by always maintaining a kind and helpful attitude. Marie works incredibly hard in the classroom but also loves playing basketball. She was the varsity captain for her junior and senior seasons. In addition, she serves as class historian, is a member of the National Honor Society and volunteers as a Little Lass and travel softball coach. Marie will be attending Northwestern University in the fall and will pursue her interests in biology or biotechnology.”

“I have always recognized how much of a privilege education is. As a result, I have consistently put maximum effort into completing any task to my best ability. In addition to valuing my education because I knew it would be the first step towards a successful future, I genuinely enjoy learning and working to solve difficult problems. So many young people don’t get this opportunity; this inspires me to continually push myself, making sure I never take it for granted.”