Kyle Wright

Middletown High School

Nomination Statement

“Son of James and Lynn Wright, Kyle Wright is ranked 3rd in his graduating class with a 4.489 cumulative grade point average at the conclusion of his junior year. Kyle is an active member in the marching band, jazz ensemble, and Tri-M Music Honor Society. Currently, he is employed as an intern at The Tutoring Center for the past two years serving those within his community. Kyle plans on studying in the field of chemistry at a four-year university this fall.”

“I have always had a passion for learning. I attend school not to earn high grades, but in the pursuit of knowledge. I have been told since childhood that ‘knowledge is power’, and although I laughed it off as a cliche, I internalized it to some degree. As I go to school to learn for learning’s sake, doing well, though not my main goal, is a welcome result.”