Kevin Montanez

Delcastle Technical High School

Nomination Statement

“Kevin Montanez has never earned a grade lower than an “A” in high school. This includes his 3 honors courses and his 3 dual enrollment courses. He has always projected confidence in his schoolwork and within his career area. Kevin has done a great job advocating to take the most difficult classes offered, and pursuing his goal of becoming a chef. He gets along well with his peers and is always respectful and appropriate with his teachers. Kevin will attend Culinary Institute of America in the Fall and will pursue his dream of becoming a chef.”

“When asked the question ‘what inspired you to achieve?’ I was left thinking for a reason that wasn’t along the lines of ‘the system told me to’ or ‘it’s common nature.’ When I truly think of the answer it all leads to one reason which is to make others proud of what I have done. I strive to make people such as my parents proud, I want them to see me walk across the stage and receive my diploma.”