Kelly Barry

Conrad Schools of Science

Nomination Statement

“Daughter of Karen and Douglas, Kelly has been an academic standout since entering 9th grade at Conrad Schools of Science. An accomplished equestrian rider outside of school, Kelly carries a GPA of 5.17 all the while challenging herself with some of the most difficult course work she can enroll in. She is a member of the National Honor Society and has been a constant leader among her peers. Kelly plans to accept the SEED Scholarship and attend Delaware Technical & Community College, majoring in nursing.”

“The initial root of my academic success was my mother, who instilled knowledge within me and conditioned me to always strive to continue my education no matter what direction I took in life. This encouragement allowed my personal traits of self-discipline and determination to blossom. This is evident over the years as I pour effort into all aspects of my life; academics, equestrianism, and other extracurriculars. Only you can make things happen for yourself but inspiration is always the start.”