Grace Wootten

duPont (Alexis I.) High School

Nomination Statement

“Grace Wootten currently has a 5.167 gpa and ranks FIRST in her class, she is enrolled in AI’s ECA Academy. Grace scored a 5 on her last AP test in AP Calculus and registered a 1450 on her SAT. She is a member of the school’s Environmental Action Committee, National Honor Society, TPN, which runs the school television station, TSA, Math League, Astronomy Club, Drama Club and Math League. She is a volunteer for First Lego league and Rebuilding Philadelphia Together. She has a strong work ethic and challenges herself academically. Grace is a true AI Tiger!”

“I am motivated by my personal goals, expectations, and desire to succeed. I work hard to excel so that I can achieve my dreams. I know I can reach them because they are ambitions that I am passionate about learning, doing, and using for good. Additionally, my family and friends inspire me by encouraging me to do my best. Thanks to their support, I know I can reach any goals I set for myself.”