Gabriela Nieves

Hodgson (Paul M.) Vocational Technical High School

Nomination Statement

“Gabriela Christina Nieves, daughter of Manuela and Jose of Newark, is a CNAP Student at Paul M. Hodgson Vocational-Technical High School where she is ranked 4th in her class. Gabriela is also a dual enrollment student at DTCC and will have completed nine credit hours at the closing of the 2021 school year. Gabriela is a member of the National Honor Society, Student Council, and LYNK Club. She is a natural leader and was also a HOBY delegate. Gabriela represents Hodgson students on the Superintendent’s Advisory Committee for NCCVT School District.”

“Throughout my schooling, I was often referred to the idea of Growth Mindset. Instead of telling yourself ‘I’m just not good at this,’ tell yourself, ‘I’m just not good at this yet.’ This – along with the constant support provided by my family, friends, and teachers – encouraged me to always go above and beyond. While I am happy to say that I am proud of myself and my achievements, I am even happier to say that I’ve made my parents proud.”