Emily Monigle

Cape Henlopen High School

Nomination Statement

“Emily is the daughter of Kerry and Sandy Monigle of Rehoboth Beach. Emily has excelled in the classroom and on the athletic fields. She has earned over a 4.0 GPA while taking 8 Advanced Placement classes and several dual enrollment courses. Emily is an elite athlete and she has been a varsity lacrosse and field hockey player since 9th grade. She has won several state championships between the two sports. Emily is a major contributor to the community including tutoring young children and working as an intern at an orthopedics office.”

“Learning adds a quality to my life that nothing else does. Striving to meet my goals is a learning process. From failure to success comes self-discovery. I encourage myself to face challenges wide eyed and willing. I am eager for the future, and I know that what is to come depends on how hard I work. It inspires me that the limits of my mind are yet to be discovered or explored, and I cannot wait to make an impact.”