Divita Taduvayi

MOT Charter School

Nomination Statement

“Daughter of Trivikram and Geeta Taduvayi of Bear, Divita Taduvayi is an inquisitive, enthusiastic, and dedicated student. Through her position as state president in the Technology Student Association and founder/president of Girls Tech Together, an international 501(c)(3) non-profit, Divita advocates for equity in the computer science and STEM field. She is an active leader in the Delaware Youth Leadership Network and her school’s chapters of National Honor Society, Girls Go Cyberstart, Student Government, and more. In the future, Divita plans to explore artificial intelligence, social entrepreneurship, quantum computing, and sociology to create technology solutions for social good.”

“From my grandparents, who have made countless sacrifices, to my parents and brother, my support system, to all of the teachers, mentors, and friends who have been a source of strength and motivation – I have had the privilege of being surrounded by so many incredible people. I am eternally grateful for the opportunities and people that have enabled me to explore the world incessantly. Through my work, I hope to be that spark and support in more people’s lives.”