Darren Wu

Charter School of Wilmington

Nomination Statement

“Darren Wu has become the first one to step forward and LEAD a cause…his involvement in activism and research have been many. His achievements center on environmental activism and the sciences. He was an organizer of Delaware’s first youth-led environmental summit, a captain of our Envirothon team, and founder of our Eco-Alliance club. His contributions are genuine, and he is confident of his global future. He has conducted solar research, participated in environmental competitions, led enviro-activism programs, and volunteered at the local zoo in order to gain a more worldly perspective on the issues he cares deeply about.”

“I am currently leader of the Chemistry Club and captain of the Envirothon Team at the Charter School of Wilmington. As a student, I have strived to become an active member in my school community and beyond. In my free time, I love volunteering at my local zoo or playing saxophone gigs for annual Philly parades. I would like to thank my family, friends, and teachers for their continued support. I plan on pursuing environmental engineering for my undergraduate education.”