Daniel Lee

Calloway (Cab) School of the Arts

Nomination Statement

“Daniel is a brilliant young man who strives for excellence in the classroom, as an All-State cellist, on the tennis court, and in leadership positions. A National Merit winner, National AP Scholar, Presidential Scholar nominee, and Eagle Scout, Daniel seeks out educational and research opportunities, such as the BU RISE program to further his knowledge and gain hands-on experience. Beyond the test scores and titles, it is Daniel’s humbleness, strong moral character, and genuine kindness that are most impressive. He instinctively knows how to engage and bring out the best in others. Daniel will major inphysics at Harvard University.”

“I am inspired by harmony and reaching beyond the status quo. In humankind’s first steps on the moon, the biblical stories outlining Moses’s search for the promised land, my own immigrant parents, and my artistic experience at Cab Calloway, I see a harmony of science, God, art, and family which combine into a symphony that inspires me to envision a better world that I can’t wait to be part of by working with my community.”