Christine Park

Delmar High School

Nomination Statement

“Christine Park is an outstanding, hard-working, respectful and dedicated young lady. Her personal strengths are having a strong work-ethic, being open-minded, conscientious and competitive. Her academic strengths include being organized, open to constructive criticism, learning quickly and prioritization. Christine is able to manage many things at one time because she prioritizes big assignments before smaller ones and plans out the time required to complete her tasks. Christine stands out among her peers due to her attention to detail and dedication. She is driven, a role model for her peers and an inspiration to everyone who knows her. ”

“I would say my inspiration stems from my own self determination to do better than I have done before. Maintaining a balance between pushing myself to the fullest and doing the things I enjoy has helped me reach the number of achievements I gained throughout my school years; however, I would not have made it this far without the support of my family, friends, and teachers. In the end, my ultimate goal in life is to make my parents proud.”