Cassandra Talamini-Kelemen

POLYTECH High School

Nomination Statement

“In efforts to live up to her late coach’s values of hard work and determination, Casey Talamini-Kelemen ranks #1 in her class, holds leadership positions for school clubs, and participates in many other extracurricular activities. Casey has excelled in athletics as a varsity athlete on the field hockey and track and field teams, earning student-athlete awards, achievements, and state titles. Casey will attend Lehigh University to study bioengineering and compete on Lehigh’s track and field team as a jumper.”

“From a young age, I always engaged in athletics and found a love in a sport of gymnastics where I was introduced to my coach, Jennifer Lipshultz. She quickly became a role model and idol in my life teaching me many important values that I still live by today. My motivations stems from her values of hard work and determination with every activity I am involved in from athletics to academics.”