Brittany Casalvera

McKean (Thomas) High School

Nomination Statement

“Daughter of Laura and Patrick Casalvera of Wilmington, Brittany is a dedicated student who constantly pushes herself to do better. She is currently ranked number 2 in her class with a cumulative GPA of 4.58. Brittany is an active member of National Honors Society and is one of many leaders in the McKean Choir. She has also participated in after school activities such as stage crew and lacrosse manager. Brittany plans to attend York College of Pennsylvania in the fall and major in hospitality management.”

“My parents always taught me to be a critical thinker. They felt that it was important for me to question academic and life lessons that were presented to me. This mindset put me on the path to push myself and be open-minded to countless possibilities. I developed my own way of thinking and discovered I wanted to be perceived as someone who is respected and not looked down upon. With this motivation, I was able to challenge myself academically.”