Brianna Piner

Christiana High School

Nomination Statement

“Brianna is a part of Christiana’s rigorous Honors Academy, with a cumulative GPA of 4.4. She is distinguished in AP Biology and Honors Physics. During high school, she was involved in NHS, NTHS, Class Officer (2021), Color Guard, BPA, HOSA, Key Club, tennis, over 100+ hours of community service, had artwork published on the front cover of the 2018-2019 District Student Manual. After graduation, Brianna plans to study behavioral neuroscience and has been accepted into schools, including Northeastern University, Cornell University, and Johns Hopkins University. Brianna was awarded the Mason Award of Excellence, Provost Scholarship, and the Northeastern Honors Scholarship.”

“I value love, responsibility, and diligence. As a scholar and a role model to my younger siblings, I strive to pursue my love of learning and responsibilities with diligence despite adversity. Every challenge posed to me is an opportunity for me to become stronger. My maternal-grandmother tells the story of Dandelion Girl who conquers her fear of the changing seasons. With this mindset I persevere and grow throughout adversity like a dandelion that prospers in any environment.”