Abdul Raheem

Glasgow High School

Nomination Statement

“Abdul is an impressive young man who has always been at the top of his class at Glasgow High School. He is super hard-working, focused and is sure to be successful in all that he attempts. Another impressive things about Abdul is that he is one of our kindest students who is always ready to help others. His warm and sincere attitude has made him a great asset at Glasgow. Beyond the classroom, Abdul works a part-time job and also participates in BPA and DECA. Congrats to Abdul on all of his accomplishments!”

“I have always considered education a key priority in life. The more you invest time, effort, and dedication to work and your character as a person, the better you will become. My parents played a heavy influence in my education. They told me to try my hardest, and do the best I can do. With this in mind, I excelled throughout my school years with the mindset of being the greatest. ‘An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.’”