Yoseline Rios-Saldivar

Howard High School of Technology

Nomination Statement

“Daughter of Yanet Saldivar Rodriguez and Adan Rios-Ruiz. Yoseline is currently ranked number one in her graduating class. Yoseline is an active student, participating in girls soccer, Interact Club – a community service club and is a member of National Honors Society, TeenSHARP, Delaware College Scholars and Young Friends of Christiana Care. Yoseline is hard-working, humble and will one day make an excellent Pediatric Surgeon. Yoseline has been a certified Medical Assistant since her junior year and co-ops at Endovascular Consultants at St. Francis Hospital. Yoseline plans to attend Smith College to study Humanities and the Sciences.”

“People of Color within my community and People of Color who are my peers that have challenged themselves academically, applied for opportunities and made differences in their communities have inspired me to do well. Their determination for academics has driven me to obtain the highest grades and comprehension. Their curiosity for careers has opened doors for me so I could create my own connections and expand my knowledge in the medical field. Their dedication to the community has allowed me to give back and inspire my Latinx community. Through this inspiration, I was given the opportunity to prosper and will continue to do so as I pursue my undergraduate studies.”