Toniyah Alston

Freire Charter School

Nomination Statement

“Toniyah has been a true representation of what a Freire Dragon should be, both in and out of the classroom. She has been with us since the day we opened our doors, and she has shaped our school in so many ways. From her leadership abilities within her clubs and sports teams, to her intelligence and curiosity in the classroom, Toniyah has shown time and again that she is someone who will leave a lasting impact on our community. We are extremely proud of all that she has accomplished, and we look forward to her future success.”

“Knowledge is a currency that comes at no cost yet provides so much. I’m confident enough to say I will always be a student. I will always have a curious mind, insatiable for knowledge. I am naturally ambitious and eager to push myself to the limit. I crave information and enjoy questioning the norm, urging myself to think beyond the common realm. Education is a fundamental part of living, soaking up all that life has to offer with the brain.”