Talia Collier

Alexis I. duPont High School

Nomination Statement

“Talia Collier is an intelligent, driven, thoughtful, and creative young woman. There is not a decision she makes that is not well contemplated. Talia is currently ranked No. 1 in her graduating class taking honors, dual enrollment, and Advanced Placement courses throughout her high school career. Always opting for a rigorous schedule, Talia has been astounding her teachers with her academic dedication since freshman year. She takes full advantage of any and all opportunities to learn and gain knowledge. Her extracurricular activities often involve her academic skills as a member of Math League and president of the Science Olympiad team. Freshman year Talia joined the Technology Student Association; by junior year she was president of the club winning 1st place in the state level completion for making a children’s book. As a member of the National Honor Society Talia does various volunteer projects and was instrumental in the planning and implementation of the school’s first ever MayFest, an event for students and families in the community.”

“Curiosity, determination, challenges, excitement, hope, creativity, ideas, experiences, charity, joy and hope. The curiosity of the unknown. The excitement of new outcomes. The beauty of creative art. The joy that is given and received when helping others. The determination to follow through until the thrilling conclusion of a project. The experiences that help me grow. The hope I have for my future all encompass these qualities that make up what inspires me.”