Sabrina Ratliff

Delcastle Technical High School

Nomination Statement

“Sabrina is an outstanding young adult. She in an active person who loves sports, the outdoors, reading and socializing. She has a quiet strength and strong values. Sabrina has reached the highest level in all academic areas including dual enrollment courses at Delaware Technical Community College. Sabrina sets and achieves high academic and personal goals for herself every year. She has competed in both SkillsUS Science Bowl and Science Olympiad. She has also been a member of the National Honor Society for three years where she participates in a variety of volunteer activities.”

“I have already accomplished so much in my short high school career, but I could not have done it without the amazing people that surround me. My friends, family and teachers have all encouraged me and brought out the potential they somehow saw within me. I hope I have made those who have helped me proud. I specifically want to thank both of my parents for always encouraging me to be the best version of myself and strive for greatness.”