Riya Setty

Newark Charter School

Nomination Statement

“Riya, a National AP Scholar and Capstone recipient before senior year even began, has taken virtually every single one of Newark Charter’s most advanced math, computer science, English, science, social studies, AP Capstone, and world language courses. Her cybersecurity research at Texas Tech’s renowned Clark Scholars Program was impactful, and while technology is an area of expertise, Riya’s versatility of intellect and ability to build relationships are also outstanding. Her peers repeatedly selected her as class president or executive school president because she is a dynamic leader that Newark Charter will never forget. She will attend the University of Pennsylvania.”

“My parents have always loved dragging me on sporadic trips to seemingly random places, sparking a desire within me to explore otherness. Rather than staying in one place, I now long to travel physically and intellectually, crossing geographical and interpersonal boundaries. Whenever approaching a new situation, my exploratory mindset allows me to consider new perspectives and ideas, while simultaneously embracing my passion to extend the frontiers of knowledge.”