Regis Puebla

St. Georges Technical High School

Nomination Statement

“Son of Jhoanna David Puebla-Pangan of New Castle, DE. Regis is an exceptional student and young man who exudes thoughtfulness, hard work, and diligence. As number one in his class, Regis currently carries a 4.32GPA. Regis’s accolades include National Honor Society membership and 2nd place in the DE Skills USA Computer Programming Competition. A well-rounded individual, Regis volunteers his efforts in various community organizations, participates in school activities, and he also works a part time job. Regis will study Computer Engineering at the University of Delaware.”

“I was inspired by the fact that people could look up to me as an example. An example that would leave a lasting impression. I was inspired by the fact that I could improve my mother’s way of living. I have felt this undying urge to push myself further, even if I am at my lowest and darkest moments. I was inspired by the fact that I could be free. Free to love, to be myself, and to live happily.”