Pragyat Khanal

Newark Charter School

Nomination Statement

“Contemplative, humble, and brilliant, Pragyat Khanal is an intellectual force in the class of 2020 at Newark Charter. In addition to being a well-liked Honor Society Treasurer, Homecoming King, and Math League captain, Pragyat was already a National AP Scholar before the start of his senior year, with scores of 5 on eight AP Exams ranging from Biology to Human Geography and Chemistry to European History. Pragyat’s test scores and titles are indicative of his gregariousness and a serious capacity for academic inquiry with integrity; he will build upon this foundation when he attends Duke University this fall.”

“Twenty years ago this month, my parents and brother moved to Delaware from Nepal. To receive this honor is a testament to their vision, dedication, and perseverance despite the setbacks they faced. These are values that they have instilled in me, which continue to guide my personal growth and endeavors in academics and my community. I am grateful for the opportunities my family, teachers, and mentors have provided me and am proud to call the First State my first home.”