Peyton Easton

Caesar Rodney High School

Nomination Statement

“Peyton Easton, daughter of Shannon and Michael Easton of Dover, DE, is an inquisitive, caring and intelligent student. Academically, she ranks in the top echelon of her class, maintaining a very consistent, stellar grade point average in the most demanding curriculum available to her. Peyton’s extensive resume includes every theater production, leadership in clubs, the FFA where she has excelled in competitions at the state and national level, and extensive volunteer service. She shares with her family a goal of visiting all 50 states and National Parks and hopes to become a wildlife biologist/conservationist.”

“My inspiration to do well all began with my parents because I always remember them encouraging me to do my best. Even when I was learning to add for the first time or performing in my first elementary school concert, they were there to support me. This compassion, the guidance from teachers, relatives, and other leaders, and my own developed sense of personal drive have all greatly motivated me to achieve.”