Misael Campos

Delcastle Technical High School

Nomination Statement

“Misael has reached the highest levels in all academic areas including dual enrollment courses at Delaware Technical Community College. The work he submits demonstrates the time and quality he invests in his education. It also demonstrates the curiosity, intelligence and the breadth of prior knowledge he possesses. Misael has taken every opportunity offered to practice and enhance what he has learned in Technical Drafting such as; participating in ACE Mentoring, presenting a project to the Mayor’s office and competing in every drafting competition offered. Misael consistently demonstrates integrity, compassion, humor and drive.”

“While I was young my family struggled to make ends meet. Thanks to the perseverance of my mother and my brother, who took up the mantle of man of the house at a very young age, slowly but surely, we are doing better. Seeing the sacrifices they made, along with their work ethic, inspired me to do the same. In essence, my family, without realizing it, helped me to become a successful student.”