Mahmoud Hamdi

Early College High School at Del State

Nomination Statement

“Mahmoud began at ECHS as a junior, in only four semesters, he will have earned 71 college credits from Delaware State University. If you only knew that about him, it would be admirable, as he is only 16 years old. Mahmoud is academically gifted, but he also has a heart of gold. In his “spare time”, he has immersed himself in school activities and sports and has given of his time in the community. He is a leader among his peers, and will be the best forensic pathologist the country has ever seen. We will miss him at ECHS!”

“Everyday I am inspired by my immigrant, single mother of four, who works hard to balance countless priorities. She earned her PhD in two years! Thank you to all that have helped me on this journey: teachers who fostered my endless curiosity; coaches who channeled my energy toward wrestling, track, basketball, and soccer; and family who put my caring heart to use by volunteering. I plan on attending a four-year university, going to Medical School, and becoming a Forensic Pathologist.”