Leila Sebastian

Smyrna High School

Nomination Statement

“Leila Sebastian is a very dedicated individual who tries to excel in all aspects of her life. She is the president of the National Honor Society and the captain of the field hockey team. She is also a student representative for her graduating class. In her free time she is often volunteering at the local opera house or babysitting. While Leila is unsure where she will be attending in the fall, she knows she wants to major in political science.”

“Throughout my entire life, I have been driven by the desire to succeed. The idea of success for me has evolved as I have achieved or refocused certain goals, but ultimately it has always been my main motivation. Currently, I view success as excelling in college, and then going to law school after my undergraduate education. I know that in order to achieve this, I have to continue pushing myself and striving for excellence.”