Katelyn Robertson

John Dickinson School

Nomination Statement

“Katelyn is currently ranked first in her senior class which is a testament to her hard work and intellectual abilities. Whether as a member IB Diploma Programme, the school swim team, or the National Honor Society, Katelyn does not believe in giving less than 100% of herself. Katelyn also believes in doing what you are passionate about. She enjoys seeing people do what they love and hopes to achieve this herself one day by being a professional writer. Katelyn likes to give back and has played a large role as an ambassador for the DFRC Hand-In-Hand program.”

“It’s mostly been myself that has inspired me to do well. Through the past twelve years, I’ve built up a certain expectation for myself to do well and be as perfect as I can in school. I feel like if I don’t meet those expectations I’m not being the best that I can be.”