Kate Dawson

Christiana High School

Nomination Statement

“Kate Dawson is a leader at Christiana. Students and staff, alike, truly respect her. Kate is clearly at ease in a classroom, where her confidence and optimism are evident. Kate is known for her effort, drive, positive attitude and willingness to support the Christiana school community. Kate is softball and volleyball captain. When not playing a sport, she can be found playing flute in the marching band or in the advanced steel drum ensemble. She participates in stage crew and manages the swim team. Kate received a Trustee merit scholarship from the University of Delaware Honors Program. Well done, Kate!”

“Since I was little I’ve loved going to school. I always found myself at ease in a classroom, where I feel confident in my abilities and optimistic about my future, knowing that my education can take me anywhere. I never want to display less than my best effort and that drive is what has led me to doing well in school and, in turn, my life. Additionally my supportive family helps to keep me striving for my goals.”