Julius Snipes

Dover High School

Nomination Statement

“Julius is a stellar student with exceptional character. He is the son of Paulette and Sidney Snipes. Julius holds a 102.753 GPA and is a member of the Air Force Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. Julius participated in the Science Olympiad and received the Bausch+ Lomb Honorary Science Award and the Military Officers Association of America JROTC Medal. Julius worked at Delaware State University in the REAP Program, sponsored by the Army as a research intern in a microbiology lab to carry out biological experiments. Julius plans to attend the University of Delaware and major in Biomedical Engineering.”

“I think what inspires me most is the future! Knowing that I have the opportunity to contribute to society. When I look to the future, I see electric planes, augmented reality, colonies on Mars and more. Just thinking about the future excites me. And the fact that I can work on these projects to help society in the future is a blessing. I’ve worked hard academically so that I can be one of the best engineers to contribute to society.”