Jordyn Jacobson

POLYTECH High School

Nomination Statement

“Jordyn Jacobson, currently ranked in the top of her class, aspires to be an electrical engineer later in life. Throughout her academic career at POLYTECH, Ms. Jacobson has been a part of the school musicals and participated in the Art Club. Additionally, she attends Math League meets and engages in SkillsUSA competitions, in which she brought home a bronze medal for the electronics competition last year. Directly after high school, Ms. Jacobson will train with the U.S. Army Reserves for approximately 8 months. Once finished with her training, she will attend the University of Southern California to study Electrical Engineering.”

“During the beginning of high school, I didn’t really have any sort of inspiration – I just did my work and kept to myself, ultimately resulting in my work production being high-quality. Eventually, I found inspiration in a person: the electronics engineering teacher, Mr. Bartolomeo. His military experience and knowledge in the field of engineering inspired me to enlist and major in electrical engineering. I look up to Mr. Bartolomeo, and am pursuing to be like him in the future.”