Jessica Blatzheim

Sussex Technical High School

Nomination Statement

“Jessica Blatzheim is one of 106 high school seniors to be named a Horatio Alger National Scholar; her career goal is to become a teacher, allowing her to share her passion for education and helping children. At STHS, Jessica is in the Early Care and Education program and has earned certifications in Early Childcare, Elementary Education, Mentor and CPR Training. She is a member of Educators Rising and has placed first at the State level in Children’s Literature and competed at Nationals. Jessica is a member of the NHS, NTHS and serves as Vice President of the Key Club.”

“High school has taught me that learning is never ending. Friendship, leadership, social skills, a sense of community, and valuable life lessons, as well as a vast amount of academic knowledge have developed my character these past 4 years. As I enter the education profession, my studies will be centered around my students needs and learning how to implement best practice. I thank my high school, outstanding teachers, and family for teaching me the necessity of constant improvement and self-growth.”