Jay Patel

William Penn High School

Nomination Statement

“Throughout high school, I have been part of the Cross Country and Track teams as well as being involved with many student organizations such as Colonial Crushing Cancer, National Honors Society and Student Council. I also had a great chance for Volunteer opportunities at the hospital. The most significant accomplishment that I have achieved is bringing in a brand new program in my school called Project Rescue Earth, which is all about keeping our earth clean. I plan to continue my education at the University of Delaware as a Biology major.”

“Since day one, my parents have supported my sister and I. Giving us everything and anything we needed, causing them to work countless days and nights. In the end, giving up most of their life for our success. They were the loving parents who brought a smile to our faces each and every day. I can’t imagine life without them. My dream is to repay them for all their support and care by writing my success story.”