James Ellison

Laurel Senior High School

Nomination Statement

“During Drew’s high school years, he has taken part in various community events for the National Junior Honor Society, received several academic certificates, participated in multiple AP classes, and has taken college tours through the Talent Search enrichment program. Drew is currently ranked number 1 in his class and has been in the Dual Enrollment program since his freshmen year earning college credits. He has also participated in extra online courses, which has taught him the basics of personal finance and android mobile app development. Drew’s future career plan is to become an Electrical Engineer specializing in design.”

“Ever since I was young, I was raised to always try my best and was instilled with this discipline. I’ve taken this wisdom my parents taught me and used it to be the best person I can possibly be. This inspires me to give it my all, in order to provide a better life for myself and achieve the most I can out of it. Potential isn’t guaranteed, and it’s my job to go above and beyond to reach it.”