Emma Evan

Sussex Central High School

Nomination Statement

“Throughout her high school career, Emma was on the Cross Country Team all four years and was honorable mention at the conference meet for three years. Additionally, she has received many awards with DIAA national and state conference, Governor’s School, and Girls State. She has also been involved in her community, in her church and Youth Philanthropy Board. As a result of these different accomplishments, she is planning to attend Clemson University in the fall and dual majoring in Psychology and Accounting.”

“My older brother has inspired me to do well academically. Throughout his academic career, he was the top of his class and was present at this dinner three years ago. With his success in academics, I wish to excel as he did, and even surpass his achievements. Unlike most competitive brothers, he wanted me to beat his accomplishments and valued my successes in life. His support and success has inspired me to do well and be present at this dinner.”