David Koval

Delmar High School

Nomination Statement

“David Koval’s work ethic is what sets him apart from his peers. He is very organized and driven. He plans ahead and does not wait until the last minute. David selects the most challenging courses and pushes himself to always give his best effort and continually turn in superior work. David participates on a National Swim team, Academic Challenge, and Salisbury Youth Orchestra. He is president of the school marching band, treasurer of Business Professionals of America, class secretary and Math League regional champion. He embodies everything that our school stands for: success, excellence, diligence, creativity and perseverance.”

“My parents always inspired me to succeed, but my brother and sister are who motivated me to be the best I could be. As triplets, our parents put us in the same classes, signed us up for the same soccer teams, and fed us with the same spoon. Today, at the end of high school, we are some of the top students in our class. Without their friendly competition, there is no way I would be where I am today.”