Anthony Lee

Charter School of Wilmington

Nomination Statement

“Anthony Lee is an force in and of himself at The Charter School of Wilmington. From his first day as a freshman, Anthony has shown tremendous promise; he knows his strengths but always respects and honors the process of learning. Grades are not the focus for Anthony as he always concentrates on information, learning, and the processes if both academic and personal growth. Anthony is not only bright, but kind-hearted and genuine. Though still undecided on the institution, Anthony has already received many admissions offers to top schools in the nation. Upon graduation, Anthony will be studying pre-medicine.”

“I am a senior at the Charter School of Wilmington. An active member of my school and local communities, I enjoy volunteering and making people smile. Whenever I am not fulfilling my duties as a leader of five clubs, competing in national science and social science competitions, or playing the clarinet with the Newark Community Band, I enjoy spending time with my parents and younger brother, Alek. I plan on pursuing medicine after my undergraduate education.”