Alexus Frisby

Howard High School of Technology

Nomination Statement

“Granddaughter of Carolyn Frisby. Alexus is currently ranked number one in her graduating class. Alexus is a student in the Legal Administrative Assistant Career area and is very passionate about working in the legal field and is a leader amongst her peers. Alexus was a mock trial participant and interned at the Delaware District Court. She was also on the student board committee for Howard High School of Technology. She is an avid volunteer, working at the Emmanuel Dinner Hall, she sings in her church choir and is a volunteer tutor. Alexus is a fast learner, motivated and one day will be an asset working in the legal and medical field. Alexus has been dedicated to working in the Guidance Office as a Clerk Assistant. Alexus plans to attend Delaware State University to study Biological Science (Health)/Forensic Science.”

“What inspired me to do well was the lack of opportunity around me and not receiving the push that I needed to do anything for the greater good. I decided that I needed to be self-motivated and challenge myself. In high school, I set a challenge to be valedictorian and to focus on my grades. I set high standards for myself and challenged myself even further to take early college credits and find a co-op job from my school. When summer came around, I worked hard. I continued to work towards my passion to be in the legal field by making connections at the Federal District Court of Delaware.”