Adebola Gbadebo

Early College High School at Del State

Nomination Statement

“Adebola is a student who has quietly led since she was a freshmen. She has always been a top student in her class and has been an example for others to follow. Addie will have earned 76 college credits while in high school, a feat that not many can say. She has her heart set on being a surgeon and has done everything known to mankind to reach that goal from acing as many college science courses as possible to volunteering in medical facilities. We are proud of Addie on a job well done and all that she will become.”

“When I graduate from the Early College High School at Delaware State University, I will by 17 years hold and have earned 76 college credits. After completing my undergraduate degree, I wish to attend medical school to become a surgeon. I have worked hard to achieve all that I have accomplished. I would like to thank my parents for always motivating me, as well as my principals and teachers for guiding me throughout my high school career.”