The Delaware Teacher Growth and Support System (DTGSS) is the state’s new teacher evaluation system currently being piloted in select Delaware schools during the 2021-22 school year. DTGSS will replace DPAS-II for teacher evaluations beginning in Fall 2022. School specialists and administrators will remain on the current DPAS-II system.

The Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) is piloting DTGSS in the following districts and charter schools. These pilot participants will test and refine DTGSS prior to statewide implementation.

Pilot participants

Sample representation

All Delaware types and geographies are represented in the pilot. The pilot participants also include a representative sample of students by different demographic indicators.

Percent of Students Who Are: Statewide Pilot Districts
English language learners 9.6% 13.6%
Low income 26.7% 27.2%
Students with Disabilities 16.8% 16.0%
Students of Color 57.8% 57%


The 2021-2022 DTGSS pilot will continue through Fall 2022. Districts and charter schools that are not involved in the pilot will continue using DPAS-II for teacher evaluations until Fall 2022.