Delaware requires all early learning educators to be certified by the state before working with children in early childcare or school-age care centers. Educators can receive the following certificates in Delaware:

  • Early Care and Education Certificate: Get an Early Care and Education Certificate to work with children from birth through second grade in a licensed childcare center. Includes training information and requirements for age, education and experience.
  • School-Age Certificate: Get a School-Age Certificate to work with children from kindergarten through sixth grade in a school-age center. Includes training information and requirements for age, education and experience.

Apply for or Review your Delaware Educator Credentials

Once educators meet the requirements for Delaware early care or school-age certification, they submit their certification application and supporting documentation in the Delaware Educator Data System (DEEDS) for review by the early educator credentials team. Early learning professionals are encouraged to continue working and furthering their education in order to move to the next qualification level.

Please Note:

Applications must contain required documentation. Applications with missing documentation will be denied and applicants required to reapply.

All college transcripts must be official transcripts received directly from the college or university.

You can mail official, sealed transcripts to:

Delaware Department of Education
Attn: DEEDS Early Learning
401 Federal Street
Dover, DE 19901


Your college or university may email an electronic version of your official college transcript via secure server.

Additional Resources

First Time User:

  • Create an EdAccess account (a secure Single Sign-On solution) to receive the new DEEDS credentialing system for the DEEDS Early Learning online application. Click here to access step-by-step instructions for creating your account.
    • Tip #1: Use your personal email address when creating your EdAccess account as all correspondence will be sent to this email address. This will also allow you to access your account should you move to a different center in the future.
    • Tip #2: Ensure that you, the applicant, are filling out the information for certification yourself with your current contact and personal information including your full social security number, correct date-of-birth, and your personal email address – not one affiliated with your childcare center.
  • Make sure you have familiarized yourself with the requirements for the certificate that you are about to apply for, including age, experience, and education level. Click here to review requirements.
  • Verification of age – All applicants must upload (in PDF format) a clear image of their driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, etc., as proof of age is required for certification.
  • Experience – Have signed/dated Verification of Child Care Experience form(s) in PDF format, if required for the certification you wish to apply for. Hint: Intern does not require experience.
  • If applicable, have your high school diploma or high school student transcript in PDF format, as verification of high school graduation.
  • When applying with quality assured training, such as clock hours or TECE 1/2, ensure all documents (certificates, transcripts, etc.) are in PDF format. If applying with college/university credits, please request your higher learning institution send us your official transcript. The most expedient way to send is electronically via a secure server to our email.
  • If providing International Education Diplomas or Transcripts they will need to be evaluated by an independent credential evaluation agency. Click here for further information on the evaluation process.

Returning User:

  • Review and update personal information, if needed, such as address, phone number, and email address.
  • Only new documents will need to be uploaded when reapplying or applying for a higher-level certification.
  • Your current certification automatically includes all positions below this level. When applying, only apply for a certificate above your current position.

To resolve your deficiencies, please log in to your DEEDS account through EdAccess and complete the following steps:

  1. From your Educator Dashboard, click on “Respond to Deficiency”.
  2. Enter and/or upload the missing details then click save/update.
  3. In the Deficiency area at the bottom of the screen check the box next to Resolved, enter any notes if needed, then click Save Changes – click Save & Next – click ReSubmit. Official college transcripts may be submitted either electronically via a secure server or by mail directly from the institution to the Department of Education. K-12 Educators may also submit their official transcript through their HR office.

If deficiencies are not resolved within 15 days you will receive a reminder email, however no further review will take place regarding your application until all deficiencies have been resolved. Failure to provide the required information within 90 days may result in the closure of your application.

  1. Log in to your EdAccess account and click on the Educator Credentialing – DEEDS icon.
  2. On the right-hand side of the Educator Dashboard landing page, click the last blue bar marked “Print My Credentials”.
  3. Select your “certificate” from the drop-down next to “Select a License”.
  4. From the drop-down next to “Select a Document Type” choose: “Wall Certificate for Early Learning”
  5. Click “generate”.
  6. In the bottom left-hand corner you will see a link to your PDF. Open PDF to save or print

**These step-by-step instructions are also available in every letter that is emailed when issuing new certification.

Contact us by submitting a request form with questions or requested support.