• If a course is listed the dual enrollment course will be accepted as transfer credit for that course.
  • If the cell is blank the institution will not accept the course for direct transfer credit.
  • If the cell says ask institution, the institution needs to review the course and other documentation prior to approving transfer credit for the course.
  • If the cell identifies that it will count as an elective in a specific major, the institution did not name a specific course for transfer credit. It will count towards an elective in that content area and accelerate graduation.
  • Some courses with blank cells may be counted as general electives. As each institution requires some electives this can be helpful but students should be careful not to accrue just elective credits when taking dual enrollment courses.

Note: UD will only approve credit through individual student transcript review. See here for information about their transfer policy.

WU Course Number WU Course Name Delaware State University Delaware Technical Community College Goldey Beacom College Wesley College University of Delaware
WU BBM 102 Introduction to Business   ENT 101 or BUS 101     ask UD
WU BMK 305 Marketing   MKT 212     ask UD
WU CRJ 101 Survey of Criminal Justice SCCJ 104 CRJ 101 CJ 150   ask UD
WU CRJ 205 Principles of Criminology SCCJ 208 CRJ 223 or 118 CJ 350   ask UD
WU CTA 206 Computer Applications   CIS 107 ITG 148   ask UD
WU CTA 210 Intro to Technology   ITN 101     ask UD
WU CTA 326 Integrating Excel into Business Problem Solving   OAT 152 ITG 149   ask UD
WU ENG 121 English Composition 1 ENGL 101 ENG 101 ENG 175   ask UD
WU ENG 122 English Composition II ENGL 102 ENG 102 ENG 176   ask UD
WU FYE 101 First Year Experience Seminar UNIV 990 NO Equivalency     ask UD
WU HIS 204 World History HIST 101 HIS 200 or approved technical elective HUM 103   ask UD
WU HLT 321 Personal Wellness KINE 101 NO Equivalency     ask UD
WU MAT 205 Introductory Survey of Mathematics MTSC 990 MAT 120     ask UD
WU MAT 308 Inferential Statistics MTSC 990 MAT 255 MAT 234   ask UD
WU MAT 310 Calculus I MTSC 251 MAT 281 MAT 298   ask UD
WU MAT 320 Finite Math   MAT 251 MAT 234   ask UD
WU MAT 330 Discrete Math   MAT 253 MAT 234   ask UD
WU MUS 101 Music Appreciation MUSC 100 NO Equivalency     ask UD
WU MUS 302 History of Rock & Roll   NO Equivalency     ask UD
WU PHI 100 Introduction to Critical Thinking PHIL 101 PHL 103     ask UD
WU PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology PSYC 201 PSY 121 PSY 160   ask UD
WU RDG 203 Learner Development and Early Literacy         ask UD
WU SCI 240 Concepts in Physics PHYS 121       ask UD
WU BIO 251 Biology I (With Lab) BIOL 101 BIO 140     ask UD
WU SCI 310 Environmental Science         ask UD
WU CSC 100 Web Design and Development         ask UD
WU CSC 325 Java Programming I         ask UD
WU SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology SCCJ 201 SOC 111 SOC 161   ask UD
WU SPA 301 Practical Spanish I SPA 101 SPA 133 SPN 105   ask UD
WU TEC 215 Basic Photography   COM 250 or VSC 165 Elective   ask UD
WU HIS 303 History of Aviation   No Equivalency     ask UD
WU PSY 333 Psychology of the Exceptional Child PSYC Elective ECE 233     ask UD
WU HIS 316 American History HIS 201 Approved techincal elective     ask UD