• If a course is listed the dual enrollment course will be accepted as transfer credit for that course.
  • If the cell is blank the institution will not accept the course for direct transfer credit.
  • If the cell says ask institution, the institution needs to review the course and other documentation prior to approving transfer credit for the course.
  • If the cell identifies that it will count as an elective in a specific major, the institution did not name a specific course for transfer credit. It will count towards an elective in that content area and accelerate graduation.
  • Some courses with blank cells may be counted as general electives. As each institution requires some electives this can be helpful but students should be careful not to accrue just elective credits when taking dual enrollment courses.

Note: UD will only approve credit through individual student transcript review. See here for information about their transfer policy.

DTCC Course Number DTCC Course Name Delaware State University Goldey Beacom College Wesley College Wilmington University University of Delaware
DTCC BIO 100 Medical Terminology Elective ask UD
DTCC BIO 115 Nutrition HMEC 215 KN 101 HLT 326 ask UD
DTCC BIO 120 Anatomy & Physiology BIOL 204 or 207 BI 210 BIO 253 or SCI 335 ask UD
DTCC BUS 101 Introduction to Business MGMT 100 BA 100 BBM 102 ask UD
DTCC CHM 110 General Chemistry CHEM 105 CH 150 CHE 315 ask UD
DTCC CRJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice SCCJ 104 CJ 150 CRJ 101 ask UD
DTCC ECE 111 Childhood Nutrition and Safety ECE 201 ask UD
DTCC ECE 120 Contemporary Issues in ECE EDUC 206 ECE 202 ask UD
DTCC EDC 260 Educational Psychology ask UD
DTCC ENG 101 Critical Thinking & Academic Writing ENGL 101 ENG 175 ENG 121 ask UD
DTCC ENG 102 Composition and Research ENGL 102 ENG 176 ENG 122 ask UD
DTCC ENG 124 Oral Communications ENGL 200 ENG 485 CM 101 ENG 131 ask UD
DTCC ENG 128 African-American Literature ENGL 205 EN 334 LIT 333 ask UD
DTCC HIS 111 US History: Pre-Civil War HIS 201 History Elective ask UD
DTCC HIS 112 US History: Post-Civil War HIS 202 HI 104 History Elective ask UD
DTCC HIS 210 World History II History Elective ask UD
DTCC HRI 101 Introduction to Hospitality HTM 100 Business Elective ask UD
DTCC MAT 153 College Math and Statistics MTSC 990 MAT 234 MAT 205 ask UD
DTCC MAT 180 College Algebra MTSC 121 MAT 111 Math Elective ask UD
DTCC MAT 190 Pre-Calculus MTSC 131 MAT 136 MAT 200 ask UD
DTCC MAT 255 (AC) Statistics I ECON 208 or MTSC 241 STA 326 MAT 308 or MAT 312 ask UD
DTCC MAT 281 Calculus I MTSC 251 MAT 298 MA 211 MAT 310 ask UD
DTCC MAT 283 Calculus III MTSC 253 or 301 MAT 299 MA 313 Math Elective ask UD
DTCC PSY 121 General Psychology PSYC 201 PSY 160 PY 100 PSY 101 ask UD
DTCC PSY 125 Child Development EDUC 205 PY 204 PSY 336 ask UD
DTCC SOC 111 Sociology SCCJ 101 SOC 161 SOC 101 ask UD
DTCC SSC 130 Financial Lit Series I: Where’s My Money? ask UD
DTCC SSC 131 Financial Lit Series II: Are You Credit Worthy? ask UD
DTCC SSC 132 Financial Lit Series III: Planning for the Beach? ask UD
DTCC SPA 136 Spanish Communication I SPAN 101 SPN 105 SPA 301 ask UD
NRG 101 Intro to Energy ask UD
OAT 152 MS Excel Level 1 ITG 149 CTA 326 ask UD
AET 111 Construction Print Reading ask UD
CJ 119 Corrections CRJ 206 ask UD
SSC 100 First Year Seminar ask UD